Road Trip Within BC And Amazing Poutine

Road Trip Within BC And Amazing Poutine

As Spring arrives my thoughts turn to road trips and travel.  With Covid still affecting touring, today I am going to reflect on a particular road trip heading into the interior of British Columbia.  Our journey took us to a great gem in the Cariboo Region of 70 Mile House and to a wonderful restaurant called, “The Sugar Shack”.  Here you will find incredible poutine and smoked meat along with other tasty delights.

My husband is from Northern Ontario, close to the Quebec border, and he says it is the best poutine he has had west of Quebec.  While I cannot confirm his statement, I can tell you it is amazing poutine.  For those of you who do not know what poutine is, it is golden french fries topped with melted cheese curds and a flavourful brown gravy.  Oh….my… good!  You can also have the option at the Sugar Shack of adding Montreal smoked meat.

The Sugar Shack has more than just poutine.  They have a plethora of maple infused items as well as breakfast, lunch, snacks and treats.  At my last visit their menu board included breakfast items such as eggs, pancakes, french toast, bacon, sausages and hashbrowns which was served daily until 11 am.  Other items included poutine and Montreal smoked meat poutine in half and full-size orders, tourtiere (Canadian meat pie), lasagna, maple beans, as well as Montreal smoked meat sandwiches.  For treats their board showed maple bacon, maple bread or buns, maple butter, maple syrup pie, maple toffee, cotton candy, maple jerky, maple syrup and Beavertails with maple butter (think doughnut).  So you see, no matter what you are in the mood for as you arrive, there is surely something to satisfy your palate.


The poutine itself was delicious!  My husband and I have only tried the regular poutine but I have it on good authority (one of my brothers) that the poutine with Montreal smoked meat is incredible too.  My husband and I split a full order.  It filled us up and made our tummies happy.  If I can give you two pieces of advice:  1.  Bring cash.  At the time of our last visit, they only accepted cash.  Better to be safe than miss out!  2.  If you are arriving during mealtime rush, be prepared to wait.  This is a very popular place to stop.

Planning a trip to BC?  You have to try to squeeze a stop at the Sugar Shack. It is about 45 minutes north of Cache Creek on Hwy 97.



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