Dressing Made Easy – Capsule Wardrobe

Dressing Made Easy – Capsule Wardrobe

My latest endeavour is building a capsule wardrobe. Don’t know what that is? That’s okay, I didn’t either. In a nutshell it is having the basics which can mix and match to create a lot of different looks and outfits. I absolutely love this idea. It makes getting ready for work in the morning a breeze and going out on the weekend is even easier.



There are lots of Pinterest posts about this so I won’t get into a lot of pictures and or do’s and don’ts. Essentially, it is to choose what colour palette you prefer and create your capsule from that. Go through your closet and drawers first to make sure you don’t already have some of the things.



A couple of the blogs I follow are:

Get Your Pretty On. I haven’t purchased any of her outfit formulas because I, quite frankly, am too cheap. It would make a great gift idea for my children to give me though (hint hint). I really like this blog as it is on the casual side which is more my style. It also gives the chance to dress things up with accessories like necklaces, bracelets, handbags, and shoes.

Check it out here: https://getyourprettyon.com/

I also really like The Vivienne Files. This blog is a little classier and uses a lot of timeless pieces which is totally my style as well. What I love is that she shows you the capsules in picture form as well as has different colour palettes. She also uses scarves which is intriguing to me as I don’t normally wear them. I need to figure out how to do that. If you have any suggestions for me, drop me a note!

Check it out here: https://www.theviviennefiles.com/

I pretty much have all of my clothing pieces purchased. Thanks to Covid 19 and a well-timed birthday I was able to pick up a lot of my capsule for 60% off and shopped online from the comfort of my computer. I just need to work on a couple more shoes/boots and my jewelry. The jewelry part is really difficult for me so I hope I can find some good pieces which don’t break the bank!

As I said, there are lots of ideas on Pinterest. Just type in “capsule wardrobe” and a plethora of information pops up. They even have lots of ideas for capsule wardrobes for men. I can’t wait to do this for my hubby.

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