Spring And A New Challenge

Spring And A New Challenge

It is starting to look like Spring here on the West Coast of Canada and I love it!  Seeing the green peek out on tree branches and the tulips, crocus and snowdrops start pushing themselves up out of the ground makes me smile.  Those little signs means it is almost time for me to dust off my walking and hiking shoes and enjoy getting outside  once again.

Another new thing spring brings for me is wanting change.  The desire to change at least one thing in my life to start the new season.  Whether it is hanging that little bell bird feeder on my balcony so I can listen to and watch the birds, committing to learning some new skill or talent, or making changes to my workouts or my eating habits.  For me, the hardest of all of these is definitely making changes to my eating habits.  I have been trying for a few months now to eating healthy and clean.  What is clean eating?  Clean eating is eating whole foods that have not been processed into something else or new.  For example, I can have fresh tomatoes or even canned tomatoes but not the processed store-bought pasta sauce.  Make sense?

I read something the other day that inspired me to keep going on my path to healthy living.  “If you have an issue with eating unhealthy food like chips, cookies or cake…then stop buying it and bringing it in the house.”  I have always known this but oftentimes when I shopping I will throw that bag of chips into the cart with the reason, “after all….it is the weekend.”  Today was a good test for me.  While at the local dollar store they had the foot long licorice…those are fun to eat.  I threw them in my basket and walked away.  I got about six steps then remembered the phrase from the other day, turned around, and put those lengthy licorice back.  Hooray!  A huge win for me today.

Every day the struggle can be real when it comes to retraining my brain to eat healthy.  I hope you don’t have that struggle.  If you do, I feel your pain but remember:  Every step you take is one step closer than you were before.

My challenge for you today is:  Make one healthy meal or even one healthy choice.  Build on that going forward.  You never know where it will take you.

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I hope your journey is one of health and even one thing I wrote today will inspire you to keep moving forward.


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