Glamping And How I Learned About Wine Tasting

Glamping And How I Learned About Wine Tasting

Ever notice that the things you perceive to hate…sometimes it is because you don’t know all there is to know?


Take me and wine.  For years I believed I hated wine.  Why?  I had a horrible taste of wine years ago which convinced me I did not like wine.  Believe me, I tried to “enjoy” a glass of wine when at a Christmas party or going to someone’s house to be polite but I just didn’t get it.


In the summer of 2015 my husband and I went to Oliver, BC in the sunny Okanagan.  We glamped in a cabana at Lakeside Resort beside Tuc-el-Nuit Lake.  Not sure what I mean by a cabana or glamping?  Check out this link: .  On our first day there my husband convinced me to go wine tasting.  I have to tell you….my first experience was AWFUL!  It tasted like kissing an ashtray.  For me, who has never smoked a day in my life, this was disgusting!  My husband just laughed and convinced me (really…he had to convince me) to try a couple more wineries.


What I discovered at the second winery was a lovely lady who told me that it is okay to not like wine.  You know what you like.  If you find something you like, that is great!  The price of the wine does not matter.  If you like a $10 bottle of wine and dislike the $50 of wine…that is great!  Your pocketbook will thank you.  This took the pressure off me for wine tasting forever.  We now go up to Oliver every year and yes, we go wine tasting.  We still glamp at Lakeside Resort.  We also go in September when the campground is very quiet but the weather is still beautiful.  Every year we try a new winery or two but we definitely have our favourites.  Our favourite winery of all time is River Stone Estate Winery.  Their wines and staff are amazing and we are members of their wine club.  In fact, the last time we were there Ted Kane, the owner, came out and thanked us for supporting their winery.  How cool is that!  For those who have ever watched Hallmark movies, check out “Autumn in the Vineyard”.  You will see River Stone in the movie.  Such a beautiful spot!


In a nutshell, if you think you don’t wine….wine tasting gives you a change to try before you buy.  And if you don’t find something you like, that is okay! Enjoy the experience and get to know a little about  your hosts.  They usually have a passion for what they do and it is fun to watch.  Cheers!

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