Gardening And A Green Thumb or Black Thumb

Gardening And A Green Thumb or Black Thumb

As far back as I can remember my parents had a big garden and a greenhouse.  My Mom would start planting tomato, cucumber, peppers and any other vegetable of choice in January or February as seedlings indoors.  Over the years she tried various containers to start these seedlings in.  I remember her using cardboard egg cartons that she would cover with saran wrap that was propped up by toothpicks.  Then there were plastic trays that had domed lids.  There were also those brown coloured peat containers.  After her precious seeds were planted my Mom would spray them with water and would watch them carefully as they would sprout and start to grow.  As her little starter plants grew, their leaves would push up against the “ceiling” of its container.  Finally, the day would come where Mom would take the cover off and let them get even bigger and their spindly stalks get stronger.  Then, one day I would come home from school to find all the seedlings gone and they had all been transplanted to their new home in our garden and/or greenhouse.


As our gentle spring gave way to a glorious summer we would get to enjoy the fruits of all of Mom’s and Dad’s labour.  If you have never tried a fresh-picked tomato I encourage you to try it.  A-maz-ing!  I used to take tomatoes and cucumbers to school for lunch.  It was delicious.  Buying from the grocery store cannot compare.


I do not have that genetic gift of a green thumb.  I have tried to start plants from seeds, buy the small plants, buy the bigger small plants all to no avail.  I have a black thumb.  No matter how much I wish it were different, it isn’t.  The only plant I have managed to keep alive longer than 6 months has been my Mom’s Christmas Cactus.  I was thrilled to receive one of her beautiful succulents when she passed.  Every time I see it bloom it makes me think of her and smile.  I still wish I could grow a lush and healthy garden.  I think there would be something so satisfying about being able to harvest my own greens, herbs, tomatoes and peppers.  Have you tried any of those indoor garden towers?  Did you have a green thumb before you started or did you learn along the way?

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