Frugal Living Tips – Berries And Nylons

Frugal Living Tips – Berries And Nylons

Frugal living is a hot topic right now and who can blame anyone.  The cost of everything seems to be sky-rocketing.  Where I live it is the height of blueberry picking season and yet they still charge $4-6 per pound in the stores.  Now, I know I could go and pick my own blueberries but even then they are $3 per pound this year.


One thing I do try and do is buy ingredients when they are cheaper and in-season.  If I can process them and freeze them I will.  If you are fortunate to have a farmer’s market nearby…take advantage of it!  Support local and buy from them.  They appreciate your business and you help the local economy plus farm-to-table tastes so much better.    There are loads of web pages where you can see what needs to be done to can or freeze veggies and fruits.  Yes, it takes some time but if you can find good quality, fresh, local produce at a good price you will find it tastes better.  Processing it correctly will lock in the flavours so you can enjoy the fruits (pun intended) of your labour all year round.  For some items like berries or peas or carrots, after processing them I will set the timer and freeze them on a baking tray with sides, so they don’t roll off.  After 20 minutes to an hour, I will pull them out and put them into freezer bags.  I date the bags so I use the oldest ones in the freezer first.  By freezing them this way, they will be loose and you can pour or scoop out as many as you need at once.

Hint:  If you have veggies in the fridge that you know you won’t be able to get to before they go bad….freeze them.  Did you know you can also save the scraps from a lot of veggies and then make homemade vegetable broth?  I actually have a “scraps” bag in my freezer.  When it gets full I pull it out and make a batch.  It is cheaper than buying it since the veggies scraps were just compost or garbage anyway.




Another way I have been saving money for years is on nylons.  Really???  Yep.  Here is the trick:  When you have to buy nylons always buy two pairs which are the same.  Same colour, same size, same everything.  When the first pair develops a run in one leg, simply cut off the leg which has the run at about thigh level so the panty portion of the nylons is still intact.  Then use the second pair.  When that pair inevitably gets a run then cut off that leg at about thigh level as well.  Now you are ready to wear both pairs at once.  Simply put on the first pair.  Then put on the second pair with the good stocking on the opposite leg.  In Canada, good stockings can run about $8-10.  So that is a substantial savings.  If you work in an office and have to wear nylons often….you’re welcome!

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