Cooking while camping does not have to be boring

Cooking while camping does not have to be boring

How do you barbeque when you go camping?  Is it the standard hamburgers, hotdogs, steaks and chicken?  Or do you venture outside the norm and go for souvlaki or twice baked chicken wings?

Last September, while in Oliver for our annual getaway we had a little tiny portable barbecue as well as a two-burner camp stove.  I wanted to get outside the normal rut of camping food so I decided the menu long before leaving home which gave me the opportunity to do some prep work.  I wanted one of the dinners to be chicken wings with salad.  I baked the wings at home ahead of time until the skin was crispy.  I then cooled them then froze them.  Since we were glamping, we had a fridge and freezer so it was perfect to take the frozen wings along.  Dinner was easy.  We thawed the wings overnight in the fridge, heated them gently on the barbecue, basted them with whatever sauce we wanted and had a lovely dinner with farm fresh salad fixings while overlooking the lake.

Another night we were having friends over to the camp site for dinner.  What can you possibly cook on a tiny barbecue for ten people?  I came up with chicken souvlaki, which I marinated and froze the chicken cubes at home ahead of time.  All I had to do was soak the wooden skewers for 20 minutes then thread the thawed chicken cubes on them with mushrooms, red onion and pepper cubes.  I also made potato salad and a greek salad.  Potato salad is great when glamping as I made extra potatoes for dinner the night before.  You can use baked or boiled it just depends on your preference.  I also boiled the eggs the night before.  I also chopped up the celery, radishes and onion while the eggs were cooking.  The dressing is passed down from my mom.  There is no technical recipe but learned from watching her make it for every summer family get together.  The one ingredient I have added that mom did not do is a couple tablespoons pickle juice.  Sometimes I will add grated carrots but it depends on how much work I want to put into it.  Greek salad is easy.  Chop the veggies.  Put on a simple dressing then let it marinade overnight.  Voila!  Dinner for 10 people ready.  Easy-peasy.  Pair it with some amazing Okanagan Wines and you have a scrumptious dinner.

For dessert I went a little out of my way to make a homemade lemon curd with mixed berries.  Again, I was able to make the lemon curd the day ahead since it needs to chill for a few hours or overnight.  The whipping cream I waited to do until the afternoon of the party.  Since I forgot both a whisk and a hand mixer I did have to borrow that from one of our friends who lives up in Oliver.  I layered the lemon curd, which I mixed with whipping cream and the berries in small glasses.  They looked so pretty and were so very yummy.  The perfect light dessert to finish off a fantastic dinner.

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